What are the Different Types of Ear Piercings?

ear piercings on model

At NJO Designs, we love ear piercings. For something so small, they can make a big impact on any look. Most people have more than just one piercing in each ear. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people with 4 or more piercings.

Within this guide, we outline the different types of ear piercings and the types of earrings that suit them best.

Lobe Piercing

A lobe piercing is the standard piercing most people get when they are younger. You can have multiple lobe piercings and they are the perfect starting point to achieving a curated ear look.

With a standard lobe piercing, you can pretty much wear any type of earring that you wish. This could be anything from statement drop earrings, simple studs, gold hoop earrings or huggies. The options for lobe piercings are endless! If you don’t fancy getting the additional piercings along your lobes, we have a wide selection of ear climbers that give the impression of multiple ear piercings.

Helix Piercing

A helix ear piercing is anywhere along the outer cartilage rim of the top part of the ear. When two ear piercings are placed one under the other in this area, it is called a double helix ear piercing.

Huggies and stud earrings work best for helix ear piercings. At NJO, we have a wide range of 9ct gold, sterling silver, and 18ct gold plated huggies and stud earrings. If you are afraid to commit to getting a helix piercing, try out our ear cuff earrings. Ear cuffs are the perfect way to rock a stacked ear look without getting your ears pierced.

Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercings go through the thick cartilage in front of the ear canal. Recently, they have become more and more popular and are a great addition to your curated ear look.

Single small studs are ideal for this ear piercing as often, you may only have one tragus pierced.  Small hoops can look well with this piercing too when the hoop sits in the centre of the ear.  We have a great variety of studs and single piercings in multiple designs that would suit this look very well.

multiple ear piercings on model

How to layer your earrings

Now that you know what the main types of ear piercings are and you know which earrings suit them best, you just need to know how to achieve the ultimate layered look!

  • Choose your base metal. Whether you want a single metal look or want to mix and match, it is best to have this decided before you start stacking.
  • Make a statement. Choose a statement piece to add some extra sparkle to your earring stack.
  • Ear shape. Every ear is a different shape, on size doesn’t fit all. This is important to keep in mind when stacking earrings.
  • Trial and error. Fake it till you make it and try out different styles with ear cuffs.

Check out our guide on how to stack your earrings for more information!