How To Stack Your Earrings

When it comes to jewellery, the expression “less is more” often goes out the window. From necklaces to rings, layering and stacking has become one of the biggest trends in the jewellery world. The trend of multiple ear piercings is becoming more and more popular. However, it is much more than a random assortment of hoops and studs, no other area requires the level of detail as the ear stack.

We’re here to provide you with all the tips and tricks to creating the perfect stack.

Tip #1 – Choose Your Base Metal

For a more put together look, it is always best to stick with one metal whether that be silver or gold. You can mix it up with different coloured stones and shapes. However, for a more fun look, think outside the box and mix n’ match with your metals. We have the perfect ear pieces available in 9ct Gold, Sterling Silver, and 18ct Gold Sterling Silver.

Tip #2 – Make a Statement

We love adding a chunky hoop or a statement drop to our earring stacks. In doing so, it gives your more subtle pieces some added drama too. Our 18ct Gold Sterling Silver oval hoops are perfect to make a statement or wear as your go-to everyday hoop earrings. If hoops aren’t your thing, our 9ct Gold double star drop earrings are guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention.

Tip #3 – Consider Your Ear Shape

Everyone’s ears are different, one style does not fit all. To get the most out of your earring stacks, we recommend assessing the size of your ear lobes. If your lobes are small, we suggest spreading your earrings up along the ear. This prevents overcrowding which may result in a mismatched look. For those with larger lobes, constellation style looks can work well. This involves pairing bigger pieces of jewellery with more dainty ones. It intends to give the impression of moons, stars, and planets – like a constellation. Our range of studs and single piercings can help execute this look flawlessly. If you don’t want to commit to multiple piercings, our ear climbers will give the impression of many piercings along the ear.

Tip #4 – Trial and Error

Fake it till you make it. Try out different looks without committing to any piercing with our range of ear cuffs. This is the perfect solution for those who may be a little squeamish when it comes to needles. It is also a great option for anyone who wants to experiment with many various looks.

Whether you want a minimalist look or something big and bold, here at NJO we have something to suit all tastes. We create forever pieces to help you shine – part of your everyday dressing ritual.

Shop our collection of earrings to curate your perfect ear moment.