Trend: Hoop Earrings


At NJO Designs, we believe nothing elevates your ear game like a pair of hoop earrings.

They are a jewellery staple that can be worn for pretty much any occasion that you can think of or that one could have, simple put its versatility has no end.

We've put together this handy guide below on how best to style them and how we like to style hoop earrings. Check it out and see what you think;

  • Start simple. As I'm sure you all know, Huggies are a style of little hoop earrings that essentially 'hug' the earlobe. Huggie hoops are the perfect size if you’re used to usually wearing stud earrings. Let us help you layer your ear with our range of simple and stylish huggie hoops.
  • Multiple piercings? You can create your ideal ear combination with the help of NJO Designs. We love stacking tiny hoops for a subtle statement; choose from simple designs or textured pieces for a bit more detail. Whatever your taste we have you covered.
  • Formal v Casual: Petite hoop earrings, 12mm to 15mm, with minimal embellishments are casual and laid-back, while large hoop earrings with diamond accents are nice enough for a formal look.
  • Make them your own: Hoop earrings are so versatile and come in so many shapes, sizes and colours, mix it up and put your own stamp on the look. 

Discover our range of earrings and hoop earrings here.

We are proud of our earrings collection and hope you like what you see. Any questions or queries please just ask.