International Women's Day

Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another.

We are strongest when we cheer each other on.

In celebration of International Women’s Day and as a female founded company ourselves, NJO Designs are championing Irish women throughout the month of March. We have selected 5 women who have inspired us throughout the past 12 months.

Who better to start with than the amazing Sinead Keary. It’s been great following Sinead's journey and seeing the fantastic success of her brand Sinead Keary the label. She's an inspiration to other women in business. We love following her style tips on how to personalise our everyday wardrobe essentials and can't wait to see what she in store for us next!

Sinead Keary

Next up we are shining the spotlight on Roz Purcell. We've loved following Roz's Hike Life journey and admire how she's brought such a big community together - connecting people with the outdoors while showcasing our beautiful country! She has inspired us to share more positivity and spread the message of sustainability importance. Keep shining your light Roz!

Roz Purcell

Next up on our month long celebration of Irish Women, we are highlighting the gorgeous Aimee Connolly. Aimee has had fantastic success with her brand Sculpted and won Best Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. What an achievement! Her passion and drive for business inspires so many especially young women starting on their career journey with visions and goals of their own.



Next up it's the wonderful Vogue Williams. It’s been great following Vogue's  journey and seeing the fantastic work she''s done so far in broadcasting, presenting and your continued success with Bare By Vogue. Her positivity and openness about being a working Mum is a wonderful message to share with other working Mothers trying to juggle it all.  


Last but not least, we have Dr Ciara Kelly. It’s been great following Ciara's journey and seeing the fantastic work she does, on radio & broadcasting in general. She's inspired the nation with her 100 Days of walking movement - Bringing communities together and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her recent articulation of women's safety truly resonated with us and highlighted this important message.