Trend: Layering

Here at NJO Designs we love to layer our jewellery - whether it be with necklaces, earrings, or rings. However, you should know that there's an art to it! And one that we can help with and tailor for you.

We know from experience that trying to master the art of layering your jewellery can be a tricky thing. Your aim is to make it look effortless and easy, yet pristine at the same time.

So before you start layering, here are some of our top tips on how to layer your jewellery like a pro, and get that effortless layering “wow factor” from your jewellery collection.

  • Pick one - choose one area to layer. Whether that be necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Too much going on and overkill will affect your look more than you can imagine. Choose one area and perfect that. Lets begin with necklace layering.
  • Perfect base piece – first choose one necklace that will be the central focus & base for your layering look.
  • Choose different lengths - This one is perhaps the most obvious and important tip but often the most commonly forgotten. Wearing several necklaces of the same length does nothing for the pieces or more importantly, for you. When you're layering necklaces, be sure to select different lengths. You want each piece to be displayed naturally.
  • Choose different styles, textures, colours, materials, etc. Don't be afraid to mix metals. Not long ago there was a perception out there that one could only wear gold or only wear silver pieces together. Thankfully that has all now changed, for the better! We think it's fair to say that with gold and silver jewellery are now proving to be one of the smartest and stylish combinations you can use.
  • Let your jewellery talk - at the end of the day you want your jewellery to make the statement and do the talking for you, so don't confuse the look by wearing busy prints or multiple colours.

Remember the aim with layering your jewellery is for stylish, cool and sophisticated over messy and overwhelming.

We have an extensive range of 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver pieces now available and perfect for creating the perfect layered look!