How to Care for Your New Ear Piercing

ear piercings and earrings on model

With stacked earrings really on trend at the moment, it is important to understand how to properly manage and care for your any new piercings that you may get. There are many different types of ear piercings such as a lobe, upper lobe, tragus, helix and many more. Each type requires the right amount of care to ensure they heal correctly.

Tip #1 – Wash your hands

For new ear piercings, ensure your hands are clean before touching them. Thoroughly wash them with soap and water and dry with a clean towel. This is an important step to avoid any bacteria entering the site.

Tip #2 – Keep them clean

Another important step in the healing process of new piercings is cleaning the piercing itself. To do so, clean the ear piercing with a saline solution 3 times a day. Dip a cotton bud in the solution and clean around the front and back of the pierced area. Once the area has been cleaned, gently rotate the piercing to ensure better healing.

Tip #3 – Avoid swimming

If you have a new piercing it is recommended that you avoid swimming until they are fully healed. The healing process can take up to 6 weeks so ensure you get that new piercing done within plenty of time for your summer holiday! Different bodies of water can have bacteria in them which could easily cause an infection in your fresh ear piercings. As well as this, the chlorine in swimming pools can be an irritant for your newly piercing ears.

Tip #4 – Be careful with sprays and cosmetics

If you have a new piercing, try to keep this area clear of perfumes, hair care products, shampoo, creams, and fake tan. You must remember that your ear piercings are like an open wound, so it is important to keep them as clean as possible during the healing process. If you do get some product on your ears, clean them straight away with the saline solution.

Tip #5 – Avoid banging your new piercing

When exercising, be mindful of your new piercing and try to avoid any knocks or bumps to the area. The same goes for doing everyday tasks such as getting dressed and brushing your hair. It can be easy to catch your piercings in your clothes so take extra care while they heal.

Tip #6 – Watch out for infection

Despite doing everything right, infections can still occur. It is important to keep an eye on things for the first few weeks. If you notice any redness, burning, itching or discharge, it is best to visit your GP.

When the healing is finished…

When you initially get your ears pierced, you will be required to wear a piercing earring which are suitable for new piercings. Until the healing is complete, it is best to just wear these.

After the healing process, you will be dying to wear the sparkly pair of earrings you’ve had your eye on for some time. It is recommended that you stick to something lightweight for the first few months to avoid excessive strain on your fresh piercing. At NJO, we have a wide range of light stud earrings and huggies that are ideal for the first few months. We have piercings in everything from 9ct gold, sterling silver, and 18ct gold plated. Browse our stacked earrings range to find a pair that suits you.